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Insurance & Billing

Here at Aelius Surgical Centre, your comfort is our top priority, and we strive to provide a holistic healthcare experience to our patients. We understand the worry regarding bills and payments, but rest assured that private healthcare can be affordable with the right Integrated Shield Plans and Corporate Insurance Plans. We will also work with you to ensure a seamless and comfortable experience. Call to find out more

Integrated Shield Plan (ISP)

An Integrated Shield Plan (ISP) is a holistic health insurance scheme that comprises two main elements. The first part is administered by the Central Provident Fund Board and is known as MediShield Life. The second component involves supplementary private insurance coverage offered by insurance companies authorized by the Ministry of Health (MOH).
How does ISP work?
ISP provides financial protection for hospitalisation and medical treatment expenses incurred in private hospitals or in the higher-class wards of public hospitals. The insurance providers offers their unique shield plans offering a wide range of options, allowing individuals to select the most suitable plans that aligns with their needs and preferences. ISP encompasses the following areas of coverage:
  • Hospitalisation expenses
  • Medical treatment costs
  • Pre & post-hospitalisation outpatient bills
  • Access to private hospitals
  • Higher-class accommodations in public hospitals
When it comes to bills and payments, private healthcare can be affordable with the right Integrated Shield Plans and riders. We will work with your insurer in obtaining pre-authorisation or Letter of Guarantee (LOG) for any admission procedure. In addition, we work with the hospital or surgical centres in processing your medical claims, ensuring a comfortable and seamless experience.

Corporate Insurance

The coverage provided by employers to cover medical expenses. There are multiple providers and third party administration offering a variety of corporate insurance plans curated for different companies. At Aelius Surgical Centre, we are onboard on the following corporate panels:


Can I use Medisave to cover the cost of my procedure?

Medisave can be used at all public and private healthcare institutions as long as you are a Singapore Citizen or a Permanent Resident in Singapore with an existing Medisave account. The MediSave Withdrawal Limits are generally enough to cover the medical costs incurred if you stay in a B2 or C ward in a public hospital. However, if you opt to switch to a ward type (B1 and above) or to a private hospital, you may be required to fork out additional cash to settle the bill. However, Medisave can also be used to pay for specific investigations such as Gastroscopy or Colonoscopy if you are experiencing discomfort or suspect that you may have a condition that needs to be diagnosed. The amount claimable from Medisave is $650 for gastroscopy and between a range of $950 to $1,550 for colonoscopy. Do note that this figure depends on whether any polyps have been removed during the procedure. For more information and better advice on your medical and financial claims, please speak to our staff to find out more.

How can I ensure cashless payment for my procedure?

Our clinic can assist you in your financial queries about your investigations or procedures. To ensure that you have a seamless and cashless payment, please check with your insurer and inform our staff prior to your procedure of the various personal and company medical insurance plans that you hold. Should your condition entitle you to an insurance claim, our staff will assist you with applying for a Letter of Guarantee from the relevant insurance partners, who will make the payment on your behalf once it has been approved. Please approach our staff at the clinic on your visit if you have other financial concerns or speak to our team at +65 6956 6588 or +65 8877 3318 for further assistance.

What are the insurance options available for me if I seek treatment at Aelius Surgical Centre?

We works with most major insurance partners AXA, AIA, Aviva, NTUC Income, Tokio Marine and Prudential. If you have any queries regarding our personal and company insurance benefits, speak to our staff for more information. We can also assist you in applying for a Letter of Guarantee from the relevant insurance partners to help ensure a smooth and worry-free medical journey with us.

Will Aelius Surgical Centre be able to assist me with my medical claims?

Our team endeavours to provide you with the financial counselling you require before your procedure. If you have any queries regarding the financing options and assistance available for your treatment, be it personal or company health insurance, Medisave, Integrated Shield Plans or Medishield plan. We advise that you bring the relevant documents during your visit to the clinic for a comprehensive breakdown explanation of your claims. Should you have any questions regarding your condition and the financial options available, our team will be glad to assist you.

I have a Shield Plan, and my employer also has a medical insurance plan, who do I claim from first?

In general, you can submit your claims to multiple insurers, but the total payout from the combination of policies is limited to your actual medical expenses. Due to claims-based pricing from some IP insurers, you should claim from other insurances first (e.g. employers’ group medical insurance, personal hospital income insurance, etc). This may vary significantly from individual to individual, please discuss your personal circumstances with your insurer or financial adviser.

Will my insurance still be able to cover my healthcare expenses at a different hospital?

Medical insurance coverage will differ depending on the patient’s medical insurance and their company’s medical insurance (if any).
The above is meant for information only. For enquiries about IP insurance plans or medical claims, please contact the respective insurers, or your financial adviser. For enquiries on medical care or specialist, please contact us here.