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Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The appendix is a small, worm-like pouch that protrudes out from the caecum (first part of the large intestine). It measures between 4-10 cm in length.

Inflammation of the appendix can occur due to bacterial infection, or blockage of the inner lining of the appendix due to a faecolith (hard lump of stool). This results in swelling, inflammation or even perforation.

Abdominal pain (either at the middle of the abdomen near the belly button, or in the right lower quadrant), nausea, loss of appetite, fever and abdominal swelling and tenderness are common symptoms.

Acute appendicitis can be treated with antibiotics and surgery. Appendectomy is a surgical removal of the inflamed appendix, most commonly performed using the laparoscopic approach with keyhole (small) incisions.